Pill Connect® Smart Dispenser: Next generation accuracy in smart packaging technology

  • Simple, real-time guidance to patients
  • Clear, real-time data for clinicians
Pill Connect Bottle and App

The problem

30-50% of drugs are not taken as prescribed
Adherence levels in clinical trials drop the longer the trial goes on
Left unaccounted for this introduces variance into the data
This lowers study power and can delay approval

The solution

  • Physically dispenses each accurate dose

    Help patients get the right dose at the right time.
  • Real-time data capture

    Every dispense, every pill and every missed dose is collected in real-time.
  • Remotely monitor how drugs are stored

    Keeps an accurate pill count and has in built temperature monitoring.
  • Reusable & attaches to standard bottles

    Patients can reattach the dispenser to their next bottle.
  • Simple to use

    Data is recorded and sent to the platform automatically. Dispense with app or button press.

The benefits

  • Identify non-adherence per patient

    Uncover insights into what patients are doing. The bottle reports every dispense and missed dose. The app can also allow patients to give reasons for why they want to skip or miss a dose.
  • Learn behaviours and promote change

    The app learns when non-adherence is more likely and creates personalized reminders to combat it. Use this data to show trends or incentives to promote adherence and identify causes of non-adherence.
  • Support for decentralized trials

    Combine controlled dispensing based on the dose schedule with real-time monitoring to give confidence running remote, decentralized studies.
  • Monitor engagement for drop outs

    Use the app interaction and adherence data to detect changes in how engaged patients are. Identify patients at risk of drop out early.

The process

1. Program the dose schedule
Use the platform to set up the dose schedule and link patients to dispensers.
2. Attach dispensers to pill bottles
Patients attach dispensers to their bottles.
3. Patients login to the app
Patients install the app and log in to get their dose schedule and pair with their dispensers.
4. Patients dispense using the app
Smart reminders prompt patients to digitally dispense each dose when it's due. The app learns dispensing trends to help promote adherence.
5. Monitor adherence and engagement
You can remotely monitor each dispense, app usage, missed dispenses and reason for skipping a dose, all in real-time.
6. Reuse dispenser on next bottle
Patients can reattach the dispenser to their next bottle to continue use.